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About HairVisit

HairVisit is founded by Noël Wilmes and started in August 2003 by registering with the Chamber of Commerce. After a thorough 3-year vocational training at the Hairdressing Training Institute (KOI, Heerlen) and various employers in the industry (and beyond) in 2003, there was sufficient basis to start as an independently qualified women's and men's hairdresser.
Sinds 2004 is HairVisit lid van de Algemene Nederlandse Kappersorganisatie (ANKO).


HairVisit streeft ernaar om haarverzorging dicht bij jezelf te brengen en te houden. Een beste versie van jezelf, op jouw gewenste locatie. En dan ook nog eens op de meest duurzame manier. Met producten die respect hebben voor uw haar, uw huid én het milieu. Het streven is om haar- en huidproblemen tot het verleden te laten behoren.
HairVisit heeft in de afgelopen jaren steeds meer chemische behandelingen gaan vervangen door alternatieven. Behandelingen waarbij dat niet mogelijk was zijn verwijderd uit het assortiment (zoals permanent behandelingen).

Bij kleurbehandelingen heb ik gekozen voor het merk Rodolphe & Co en heeft u de keuze uit volledige plantenkleuringen (met verrassend goede dekkracht en verrassend breed kleurscala) en daarnaast bieden we de minerale kleuringen van dit merk aan (met hybride ontwikkelaar).

Voor eventuele highlights is altijd wel íets van chemie nodig maar de Mineral Whitener van Rodolphe & Co doet dit op de meest milde wijze mogelijk.

Alle kleurbehandelingen geven een verrassend resultaat met gezond en glanzend haar. En een huid die tot rust komt.

The hairdresser: Noël Wilmes

I was born in Heer (in a time it was still it's own municipality), but my Maastricht parents make me feel just like 'Mestreechteneer' (a Maastricht guy) and I'm proud of my city.
To me thorough professional training is highly valued. In those days, I passed my professional diploma in Utrecht, nationwide, as the best of that year!
In addition, in 2005 I was part of the technical club of hairdressers “Artist [e]” in Maastricht. A workshop was held every quarter. In 2006 I attended several hairstyling workshops and color technique courses at Ad Peters Masterclass in Deventer. In addition, visiting bi-annual hairdressing fairs is a must for me. To stay informed of all the news that can be found in the hairdressing field.
My current clients know me as a creative mind with the necessary sense of humor and relaxed attitude to life.

That creative spirit also contributed to the fact that I personally provided my cargo bike (used to visit most of my customers) with a cover with solar panels that I invented, designed and realized in 2017. This allows me to charge my own power that I need during the day to support my cargo bike, charge my phone and clippers. On the home-page you could have seen a drone movie where I am on my way to a customer with my cargo bike with solar panels.

Currently I am working on an improved version of this cover, which may even go into production under the name "SOLFIE". More about this can be read on my other website or You can also follow the progressions via instagram-solarcargobike

HairVisit Solar Cargo Bike Solfie

Work area

My working area is "Maastricht and the surrounding area". That is a broad concept, but more specifically this means that my daily work area extends from Eijsden to Ulestraten and from Cadier en Keer to Lanaken.
For bridal and gala hairstyles, my great passion, that limit can be broadened somewhat by clear agreements regarding travel time and travel expenses. This has resulted in an average of 45 wedding hairstyles per year being produced in the past three years, as well as a multitude of party hairstyles for guests.
I like to come to your home. In general, people in the home situation are easier to be themselves, which contributes to clearly formulating the wish. I like to take the time to get to know people well and therefore believe that I can meet your hair wishes very accurately.
But I also often visit special locations (eg Chateau St. Gerlach, Winselerhof, Kasteel Vaashartelt, Kasteel de Hoogenweerth, Kasteel Limbricht, Kasteel Altembrouck) and on special occasions (such as TEFAF, concerts André Rieu, Theater aan het Vrijthof, etc.).

We can provide a full range of services, including make-up. To this end, we work together with various professionals in the field who have proven and distinguished themselves during the collaboration. Commissioned by HairVisit, they are happy to help realize your wishes.

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